18 Nisan 2014 Cuma

100 Küçük Şey

Bazen ne yaparsan yap mutluluğun formülünü bulamazsın, bazen de nedensiz birşeyler mutlu eder seni...

Yüksek sesle dinlediğim her şarkı mesela, slow bir müzik yada eğlenceli bir dans parçası farketmez o anki ruh halimi anında değiştirebilir. Büyük bir kahvaltı masası, yöneticilerimle yaptığım esprili spor sohbetleri yada arkadaşlarımla konuşurken ve tatlı yerken abarttıkça abartmam, içtiğim kahveyi püskürtmeme yeter de artar bile. Havanın güzel olması, renkli birşeyler giymek, güzel fotoğraflar yakalamak... Öyle çok şey var ki aslında insanı mutlu eden.. Önemli olan da kendi adınıza küçük şeylerden mutlu olmak ve bunu sevdiklerine yansıtabilmek.
Eşimden dostumdan gelen zamansız bir fıstıklı çikolata yada ''çikolata-kaymak-karamel'' bir dondurma ise  benim en büyük mutluluk formülüm.
100 madde buldum insanları mutlu eden, tek tek örneklemede bulundum kendim için ve cidden hepsiyle ilgili çok güzel anılarım varmış benim de...

Şimdi, şuanda mesela 3 madde belirlesem  23, 41 ve 50 beni anlatır mutlu olma nedenlerim arasında...18  ve 29 ise vazgeçemediklerim listesinin en üst katında yer alır...

Mutlu olmayı hakedenler, şimdi sıra sizde, 3-5 başlık belirleyerek haftasonu planınızı okurken bile hazırlayabilirsiniz. 'Kıskanç-fesat-nankör' üçlemesindekiler de gidip yatıp uyusun, bidaha da kalkmasınlar :) Şimdiden bol şans, mutlu ve hoşça geçirilecek vakitler dilerim...

#1 You Have a Ceiling

Be thankful for the roof over your head.

#2 Music

Who doesn’t love music?

#3 Wine

Fermented grapes. They’re the best.

#4 Cheesy Sci-Fi movies

At least you’re not being attacked by radioactive lizards.

#5 Going to a Museum

No matter how bad you feel, there’s always something to cheer you up here.

#6 The Polar Vortex

Isn’t snow pretty?

#7 The End of the Polar Vortex

Isn’t it great to feel warm again?

#8 Hamburgers

I don’t need to explain this one.

#9 Hotdogs

Mmmmm…hot dogs….

#10 Baseball

The best place to get a hotdog.

#11 Books

The best place to escape reality for a while (sometimes we all need an escape).

#12 Television

Cable TV. Awesome.

#13 Free Wi-Fi

Even if you can’t afford it yourself, just about every coffee shop has free internet access (McDonald’s does, too).

#14 Easter Candy

Cadbury Eggs.

#15 Fireworks

Colorful displays of affection.

#16 Kissing Someone

Even if you don’t get Frenched all year, a kiss on the cheek is well worth feeling happy about.

#17 The Smell of Your Favorite Food

Smelling your favorite food cooking is one of things that make you happy no matter how sad you are.

#18 New Shoes

New shoes.

#19 A New Haircut

Change it up!

#20 Friends

Lean on your girls.

#21 Family

Chances are, their drama is worse than yours.

#22 Ladybugs

Admit it, ladybugs still make you happy.

#23 Ice-cream

Chunky Monkey, banana Splits, hot fudge Sundays….

#24 Bubble Baths

Things that make you happy should always include bubbles.

#25 Hugs

*Free Hugs

#26 Boating

Even if you’re not on a boat, just watch them.

#27 Going to the Casino

Spend a day gambling away your cares.

#28 Going out Dancing

It’ll make you happy, honest.

#29 Chocolate

To be combined with the wine.

#30 Meditating

If nothing else, you’ll take a nap. Napping is something that will make you happy.

#31 Yoga (or Not Having to do Yoga)

Either one…

#32 Planning a Vacation

Even if you’re planning for the future, start planning now.

#33 Smiling at Strangers

They smile back!

#34 Video Games

Sometimes, you just have to kill something. For that, video games will make you happy.

#35 Caramel Apples

Carnivals, funnel cakes….

#36 Hockey

Men on ice-skates with sticks, beating on each other. Oh yeah.

#37 Getting a Pet Pig

If it’ll make you happy…why not!

#38 Or a Pet Puppy

They smell so good!

#39 Maybe Even a Pet Kitten

They’re so adorable!

#40 Children Laughing

Children laughing will make you happy, and if they’re crying be happy they’re someone else’s children.

#41 Sunshine (Yes, it Will Come Back)

Warmth, coconut tanning oil…

#42 Thunderstorms

Sometimes, a hard and heavy storm is one of those things to make you happy.

#43 Flowers

Buy yourself some flowers.

#44 New Perfume

Go on, you deserve it!

#45 Making New Friends

Find new places to hang out.

#46 Going Ice-Skating

Believe it or not, it will make you happy.

#47 Pretty Underwear

Your naughty little secret.

#48 A Good Date

A good date will make you happy.

#49 A Bad Date (Aren’t You Glad That’s Over!)

So glad that’s over!

#50 No Date (Single, Like a Boss!)

Hah! You can watch whatever movie you want!

#51 Cookies

Packaged and ready to eat.

#52 Finally Being Able to Buy That New Dress

A new dress will make you happy.

#53 The Holidays from 2013 are Over

Thank heavens.

#54 The Holidays of 2014 are Coming

They’ll be better.

#55 Snow Angels

When’s the last time you made one of these?

#56 New Curtains

You should redecorate.

#57 Spending the Day in Bed

Sometimes it’s the little things that will make you happy.

#58 A Warm Cup of Cocoa

With whipped cream.

#59 Coffee


#60 Strawberry Flavored Lip Gloss

You know you lick it off.

#61 Trying Something New

Anything at all.

#62 Warm Comfy Socks

Your feet will be thrilled!

#63 Postcards

Send someone a postcard.

#64 Candlelight

For no particular reason at all.

#65 Eating at a New Restaurant

Of course you want to try blowfish…right?

#66 The Wind Blowing Your Curtains

Pretty things to make you happy.

#67 Chinese Food

You can never go wrong.

#68 Pizza Delivery

I love the pizza boy.

#69 Glitter Glue

Go crazy. Sparkle something!

#70 Sunflowers

They’re giant flowers, how can that not make you happy?!

#71 Riding a Roller Coaster

Without getting sick.

#72 Running Around Your House Naked When Nobody Else is Home

I’m freeeee!!!!

#73 Thrift Stores

The process will make you happy!

#74 Watermelon in the Summer

Messy and cool.

#75 Hot Soup on a Cold Day

Messy and hot.

#76 Getting Flirted With

Yep, you’ve still got it!

#77 Too Much Butter on Your Popcorn at the Movies

Indulge, it’ll make you happy.

#78 Getting a Tattoo

Go for it, you only live once!

#79 Singing in the Car

It’s okay, everybody does it.

#80 Text Messages

Don’t you just love it?

#81 Unexpected Calls from Your Crush

Yay, he’s thinking of you!

#82 Finally Getting Over Your Ex

It will make you happy to be over that jerk!

#83 The City at Night

Just look at the lights glow!

#84 Going to the Ballet

Relax, enjoy the arts.

#85 Random Acts of Kindness

Things that make you happy often involve making others happy.

#86 Butterflies

I dare you not to smile.

#87 Free Stuff

It’s free!

#88 Feeling Happy for No Reason at All

Just go with it.

#89 Bubble Gum

You’ll feel like a kid again!

#90 Cooking Something New

Even if you mess up, at least you tried.

#91 Birthdays

Don’t think of your age…think of your presents!

#92 Fireflies at Dusk

Always something to be happy about.

#93 Gummi Bears

These will make you happy. Just eat a bag.

#94 Posting Things on Pinterest

It’ll keep you occupied, that’s for sure!

#95 Ordering from Amazon

Stuff delivered to your door. How much happier can you get?

#96 Drooling over Chris Hemsworth

He looks good in a cape.

#97 Finding a New Hobby

Go find things that will make you happy. Like drumming.

#98 Cookies Right Out of the Oven

Not from a package, but warm and gooey…oh yeah.

#99 Penguins

Come on, you know watching them on TV makes you happy.

#100 ….Still

 No Zombies, Still no zombies or something like that!

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